Eastern Electric Integrated Tube Amp (Local)

Eastern Electric M520 Integrated Amp (Local sale)

The dismantling of my secondary audio system continues. Next up is an Eastern Electric M520 integrated tube preamp. Really reluctant to part with this. I am guessing most owners keep theirs as this rarely comes up for sale. Great reviews and a tube roller’s dream. Uses 5AR4, EL34 (& variants), 12AU7 and EF86. Read the 6moons, Dagogo and Positive Feedbacks reviews – they do a much better job at describing this amp than my meager writing ability can ever aspired to be.

Versatile – has pre-in so can function as an amp, tape out, 8 & 16 ohms speaker connectors, solid metal “full function” remote, delayed power up etc. It has separate switches to adjust Negative Feedback (min, neutral and max). So far, what not to like. But there is more, Power Output Option: 2 x 24W RMS (8O, Pentode), 2 x 18W RMS (8O, Ultra Linear).

For full specifications, the following web link:


Conservatively rated at 8/10. Very good used condition and there are some inevitable signs of usage. There is a small nick above the CD selector button and there is a blemish on the volume control knob. May have light cleaning marks. Remote control has light signs of usage, including a couple of tiny nicks. See pics for better visual details. As this is a local sale, you can view it before you buy it. This sale comes with only the factory tubes. The upgraded tubes in the pictures are not included as I need those. User manual included.

This unit is heavy and I do not have the original shipping box. The design of this integrated amp makes it very challenging and time consuming to pack it well, the way I like my equipment to be packed. So local sale only.

$875 local cash and carry. SoCal - 91775



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    Sweet looking amp!
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    verb wrote: »
    Sweet looking amp!

    That's my same reaction when I first saw the amp. Got me interested and the rest is history.
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