Making my Polk PSW125 work with my Denon x1200w

I have these two working together. But I don’t have them work when I select surround sound 5:1 on Netflix. The speakers work. Just no sub. Any suggestions.


  • let me give it try...

    I looked up the Polk PSW125 specs and found this:
    INPUTS Audio Inputs LFE (Unfiltered)
    Stereo Line Level - (2) RCA

    I looked up the Denon x1200w
    Use a subwoofer cable (RCA) to connect the subwoofer. Two subwoofers can be connected to this unit. The same signal is output from the respective subwoofer terminals.

    1) Most likely (hopefully) the subwoofer setting in the Denon somehow is configured "NO". The default is YES, but hopefully it is set to NO. change it to YES.
    research your manual or surf the on screen display menus and goto
    Subwoofer, Set the presence of a subwoofer.Yes (De­fault):
    Use a sub­woofer. No: Se­lect when a sub­woofer is not con­nected.

    2) if 1 did work, then next replaced your RCA cable... did that resolve the problem?
    if the second didn't work, make sure you do not have two, three bad cables...not very likely but it can and has happened before.

    3) if 1 & 2 didn't fix it... You have one sub, so run two RCA cables from the Denon x1200w into each L / R input to the PWS125... did that resolve the problem?
    yes then one of the two Denon outputs or one of two inputs psw125) is bad.

    let me if your systems is working... if not I will put more time into this

  • I read your question again... so my first advice is not your problem.. try changing the HDMI cables
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