Polk Omni App - Amazon "Bad Request"

4dawsons Posts: 1
edited August 2019 in Customer Service
I use a number of Polk wireless speakers in my home. I control them using the Poll Omni App via Samsung S9 device. I generally use Amazon Music streaming. The Polk-Amazon couplet stopped working today - when I try to find music on the Amazon service via the Polk App I get a brief "Bad Request" message on my screen. What is happening? Here is what I know:

-Amazon music is working fine as I can stream music outside the Polk Omni app
- The Polk speakers work because I can play downloaded music via wifi straight to the speaker via the Polk Omni app
- I rebooted my S9 twice with no luck
- I uninstalled the Polk Omni app and reinstalled it but the problem persists
- other music apps on Polk Omni work fine (eg Pandora)