FS: KEF LS50 Uni-Q Bookshelf Speaker Anniversary Edition (Gloss Black)

Up for sale is my pair of LS50 in gloss blank with the orange cone. These speakers really speak for themselves and had been very highly reviewed. If you haven't listened to pair, you owe it to yourself.

Fully functional with some cosmetic flaws detailed in the pictures. Only selling due to upgrade to the LS50W to reduce clutter. I have the Emotiva A100 amp and PS Audio Digital Link III DAC I used also for sale.

Asking 800 + ship + PP fees.

Local pick up in 92677 always welcome.

KEF's patented Uni-Q technology places each speaker's tweeter in the acoustic center of the bass/midrange cone. This lets the LS50s create a detailed and accurate three-dimensional sound image. This makes the "sweet spot" (the ideal listening position) much larger. Sit wherever you like — you'll have fantastic sound throughout your room.

Product highlights:
5-1/4" magnesium/aluminum alloy woofer
1" vented aluminum dome tweeter
frequency response: 79-28,000 Hz (±3 dB)
for deep, hard-hitting bass consider adding a powered sub to complement the LS50s
sensitivity: 85 dB
high-current amplification from a quality power amp or integrated amplifier is recommended for best performance
impedance: 8 ohms
recommended amplifier power: 25-100 watts
constrained layer damping prevents cabinet rattling and vibrations
curved baffle design ensures smooth soundwave dispersion with minimal reflection
bass-reflex cabinet with elliptical rear port for accurate, musical bass
5-way binding post speaker terminals
high gloss piano black finish
7-15/16"W x 11-15/16"H x 10-15/16"D
weight: 15.8 lbs. (each)
MFR # LS50

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  • Mikey081057Mikey081057 Posts: 6,551
    Great little pair of speakers here folks. If you've heard them then you know... If you haven't you won't believe your ears.

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  • rooftop59rooftop59 Posts: 5,770
    Man I have wanted to get my ears on these for a long time, but the timing is bad. Great price what seem to be great little bookies!

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  • lightman1lightman1 Posts: 10,430
    I've heard the powered versions. They play a lot bigger than they look.
  • la2vegasla2vegas Posts: 3,594
    edited August 12
    lightman1 wrote: »
    I've heard the powered versions. They play a lot bigger than they look.

    You're absolutely right, but the price is considerably higher. The model offered here for sale should be a really nice pickup for a lucky Polkie.

  • aboroth00aboroth00 Posts: 1,079
    No takers for this awesome pair of speakers? Let's get this sold to a polkie!!!

    Price drop to 750 + ship.
    2Ch Tube Audio Convert
  • aboroth00aboroth00 Posts: 1,079
    2Ch Tube Audio Convert
  • Mr. SharpeMr. Sharpe Posts: 1,262
    Great little pair of speakers here folks. If you've heard them then you know... If you haven't you won't believe your ears.


    I’ve always wanted to hear these, I know the powered ones are pricey, but then again KEF isn’t little known

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  • dorokusaidorokusai Posts: 25,436
    Big KEF fan. Great speakers.
  • erniejadeerniejade Posts: 4,958
    I have the powered version for the past couple of years but, I did have the passive version. Great sounding speaker that has awesome imaging, team it with a sub and it will take down many tower speakers at triple the price.

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  • dorokusaidorokusai Posts: 25,436
    edited September 14
    My first experience with high end, to me was a small pair of KEF C15. I still have them and another mint pair Russman found for me years later. The best Al dome I’ve heard to date. Simple.
  • aboroth00aboroth00 Posts: 1,079
    These have been SOLD! Glad I won't have any seller's remorse after hearing all the positive comments. The KEF LS50W are getting their daily use.
    2Ch Tube Audio Convert
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