Subwoofer cable question

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Ok guys happy to be here.

First question:

I am current running an Audioquest HawkEye as my subwoofer cable and truly love it. But i have always want to try the Audioquest Sub-3 or the Newer Husky. I have a Sub-1 and i like the HawkEye, bass seems tighter and more musical with less overhang. Sure that is do that Audioquest wonder PSS conductors vs. The 2.5% silver plated copper of the Sub-1 as my VDM-5 (also PPS) had about the same advantage over the Sub-1 just not as much as the HawkEye.

The Sub-3 have DBS as the Hawkeye and using 21awg 6.1% silver plated copper conductors vs the HawkEye 24awg PSS (Perfect Surface Silver).

I finally found a deal on a Sub-3 and wondering if i would be going backwards.

Thanks for all the help in advance.


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    Isn’t the HawkEye a digital cable? Designed for passing a digital signal as opposed to the Sub-3 which is design for an analog signal. Not sure what difference they will actually have but...
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    Isn’t the HawkEye a digital cable?

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  • From my understanding it has no bearing on the signal. The Hawk is a 75Ω coax cable which a lot of High End DIY IC are and even more so High End factory IC are. So it being list as ditigal cable doesn't effect the signal transfer.