DB652 vs DB6502

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Hi all,

I've got a pretty basic question that I need a little push in deciding.

I couldn't stand the factory speakers in my 2019 Accent anymore but didn't want to mess with the headunit or any amplifiers etc yet. So I'm not dealing with much power but I also understand the limitations of what I've got.

That said I just installed a pair of DB652 in the rear doors and can't make up my mind for the fronts. I don't have factory tweeters which was the main problem that pushed me into doing something.

How much of a difference, if any is there between the 652s and 6502s besides the better crossover and separate tweeter? Are they pretty much identical drivers or does the woofer perform noticably better without the center posts?

I'm tempted to do the 6502s just to have the tweeters up higher but I can't quite make up my mind if it's worth the extra work and money.



  • audionut64
    Add another set of dB652s and go with a Kicker Key180.4 with DSP. After running the DSP setup the soundstage will be raised and imaging will be perfect from the drivers seat. That's what I would do and then add a powered subwoofer. I have this setup and the DSP is amazing and puts the soundstage up and out on the dash and the placement of vocals and instruments is spot on. Like being center row at a concert!