Pioneer p99rs silly build quality + aux question?

hi people, i recently bought brand new p99rs , and i have build quality question, i have aux adapter from 2.5mm to 3.5mm and cable thats not an issued my only concern is , still aux is in front panel - front panel need to be i would use word tilted or whatever in order to get access to front aux, when i start driving my car i am afraid that panel ribbon /flex cable can became broken i will tell you why,
in my country we drive on old roman empire roads and a lot of potholes and extreme vibration and roads can brake every single car suspension , so i am pretty sure this front panel will brake sooner or later in the ribbon cable connection or somewhere else....
what suggestion u can advice me how i can use my favourite aux ?

i know in the back there is ancient ip bus but i dont manage to find genuine because its soo old and i dont trust chinese... please advice i want to save my player headunit from braking it cost me arm and leg..
thanks :)