High EnD,Should i upgrade my head unit, latest technology or old school advice.

Hello guys, long time no see,
here is my misterious dilemma, my current set up is this
front morel virtus nano 602 , rear jl audio 5 series ,
mosconi amplifier 120w x 4 channel for my speakers , 2 farads capacitor to hold energy,
high end cables from focal,
tweeters and cross overs from jl audio,
head unit receiver
sony xb100bt it was 400w stereo but i dont use amplifier right now since i am hoocked to my mosconi amplifier, i do play only mp3 files nothing else they are all 320kbps i dont care about flac and losless since it takes so much space i play from my s8+
via aux cable it have also dolby atmos which i am not sure if it makes any difference..
this is the output of samsung , 32-bit/384kHz audio i play offline store from my microsd card only i hate cloud and online streaming since i-net is cutting i live in bad area .
So my question is this since i listen music from my phone only, i dont care about cd/dvd and other things i even have bluetooth which i dont use or usb which i dont use at all...
should i upgrade my car stereo receiver and will i receive any benefit other than spended money ?
Do you think
Sony RSX-GS9 ,Pioneer DEX-P99RS,
any of these are better than my head unit will i notice the difference or not ?
If you have more questions let me know i am seriously considering pioneer or sony but i am not sure if they are much better for the work that i will use them for mp3s from my phone.... if someone have more information let me know


  • FestYboy
    FestYboy Posts: 3,857
    If your system currently pushes your buttons, there's no need to upgrade. Nothing currently out there will better what you have now (within spending reason).
  • bladest
    bladest Posts: 4
    Pioneer and sony have much better d/a
    and many other quality things...
  • FestYboy
    FestYboy Posts: 3,857
    Meh. At 320kbps, I doubt you'd hear enough of a difference to be worth the $$.

    Now bump things up to FLAC files and then you might be on to something. (IMHO)
  • dragon1952
    dragon1952 Posts: 4,741
    Yeah I don't understand why you would have all that money invested, and/or soon to be invested, and be satisfied with MP3 bitrates.
    2 channel - PS Audio Stellar S300 amp, PS Audio DirectStream DAC, audio optimized NUC7i5 running Windows 10 Pro/JRiver MC24/Fidelizer Plus 8.7, Matrix X-SPDIF 2 USB interface, Blackbird SSD dock with 500 GB Samsung 860 EVO, Tom Tutay modded EE Minimax preamp, Furman Elite 15 Pfi power conditioner, Martin Logan Electromotion ESL speakers, Rythmik F12SE subwoofer, Morrow Audio SP5 speaker cables, Gabriel Gold Reflection V2 IC's, VH Audio power cords, Revelation Audio Prophecy HDMI/I2S cable, iFi Gemini 3 USB cable.
    Computer - Windows 7/JRiver, Topping D10 DAC, Fostex PMO.4n monitors
  • bladest
    bladest Posts: 4
    I wonder,if instead of another,headunit i get high end dps like helix or something else will i receive huge sound quality improvement ?
  • Clipdat
    Clipdat Posts: 9,540
    "All that is lost at the source is lost forever."
  • decal
    decal Posts: 3,164
    I have to agree with the dragon.The old adage "Crap in,crap out" seems to fit.
    If you can't hear a difference, don't waste your money.
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