Hey all - newbie so if I may ask:
How do you receive customer service escalation?

As I read through the forums, Kenneth used to ping others in the background and MAYBE someone addressed the issue. Like everyone in this discussion, I've got an open case with support and I've been waiting for over a month for Polk to ship a part under warranty.

Can someone tell me the current and best way to help shed light on a case? I've called a few times and they keep telling me 7 to 10 days.. but, that was a month ago.

Thanks all-


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    ask for Kim Jasper
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    Thanks Pitdogg2... I just called and held on hold for about 15 minutes and then was told he went to lunch.. and to call back in an hour. So, I will try back in a while.

    Thanks again - I had seen that name.. but, mixed results with the attempt!
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    Well Pitdogg2... crash and burn. I called back and hung on for about 40 mins and was finally hung up on. I couldn't reach Kim, because apparently he was busy with someone else.

    I was relaying messages from the first level guy to Kim via instant messenger - and apparently they had magically received my tracking number while waiting. Then, Kim stopped responding to the agent's IM's.

    So, I really wanted to speak with Kim.. and apparently he wouldn't take my call. So, I asked to speak to another supervisor - and that's when the phone call disconnected.

    You know.. it's sad the product dies within' its warranty period, but their customer service is worse. I only really wanted to know what the delay was, as you don't receive any correspondence.

    I would like to get a priority shipping too, but I guess now I pray and hope that at some point.. they actually will ship the part I need. :(

    Almost makes you want to call the CEO, but again.. I doubt they care.. cause it sounds like this isn't a new issue by any stretch...
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    I'm sorry this is terrible. Polk CS was the best in the industry bar none for a very long time. Unfortunately they have been sold and bought a few times and now this is what it has become.
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    As I understand it the problem isn't the folks in customer service. The problem is the company will not hire enough CS reps to handle the load. That is very unfortunate as nothing will kill a company faster than poor customer service.
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    As a follow up, Kim did finally reach out to me late yesterday. He was helpful and is shipping me out a complete new PSW505 subwoofer. There were multiple failures of customer service along the way, including them providing a tracking number of the part they shipped 'me' weeks ago. It wasn't my part, and it didn't come to me, yet was tied to my incident number.

    At any rate, my problem is being rectified - thanks for the assist pitdogg2. Kim did finally come through and the problem will be remedied.

    But, customer service in general (not just picking on Polk here) is dead and has been. I did need a soundbar for my bedroom and I did end up buying a Yamaha - strictly because of this issue. Sad, cause I've always enjoyed Polk products... but, like everything else - customer service (for whatever reason) is dead/declining quickly.

    Thanks all for the support and assistance in the forums!
  • pitdogg2
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    Kim is good folk glad it worked out.
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    We appreciate what Kim does for the CS team. I sincerely hope that they're able to hire a few more reps soon to ease the team's burden and workload.
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    True. I agree, but I have to wonder how much ownership is dedicated to selling great speakers.
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    Good thing you didn't by a Polk Soundbar,they are worse than their subs if you believe all the negative posts on this very site.
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  • I'm going through the same crap. This brand sucks and it's customer service is garbage.
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