D4000.4 Settings

I recently bought a Polk D4000.4 amplifier and polk DB6502 component speakers for the front and Polk DB652 speakers for the rear. I don't plan on adding a subwoofer at this time. I had a couple of questions.

1) If I set the "BPF, FULL, HPF Switch" to full does this mean all the other crossover settings are negated or do I have to tweak these settings as well. With the polk speakers I mentioned should I tweak any of the other crossover settings?

2) Is there away to set the gain to 4V to match my head unit without using a multimeter?


  • lackboost
    lackboost Posts: 49
    Hello and congrats on the new purchase.

    For your current purpose, use both channel sets on FULL as you have no sub.

    With regards to setting the gain this is what I used to oo:


    Your gains should be set at least somewhat safely now and provide clean signal from source unit, and max output from amp and speakers.

    Hope that helps...
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