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    Total misrepresentation. I bet she can't even make a good marinara sauce. Could they not find an attractive Italian woman? :p

    Not without shaving her back first...

    Don't let Tonyb read this!!! I'm seeing all kinds of Soprano type retribution in the near future.

    LMAO....but I was wondering also, why an Italian speaker company isn't using an Italian model. Gorgeous women over there. Italians, Latins, Swiss, make some of the most beautiful examples of the female race. Heck, every race has their beauty to them really.

    Maybe that ad was aimed at the Asian markets, hence the model. What are we gonna have for an ad aimed at the USA ? A snowflake with a kitty hat on their head ? Just sayin'...

    Call them up Skip, complain....tell them you'd like to see an Italian woman selling Italian speakers. You wouldn't have a Dutch person selling pasta or Olive oil would ya ?

    OR....take it upon yourself, and hire an Italian model at your shows. I'd bet the farm there'd be a line to get into your room. You can even run specials, like buy a pair of speakers, get a free date with her.

    AND...if your real cheap, you can always stand up an inflatable Italian super model in the room, but the effect and wanted results may not be the same. ;)
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    I will go with my current Totem Rainmaker monitors and REL T 5 sub. I may never go back to "monkey coffins"😂
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    That's the one thing I have kept through all of these upgrades are my Rainmakers - just stunning little monitors
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    My mid 1980's Acoustic Research AR9Lsi towers for their ability to do everything well, and my Harbeth's for having the most realistic treble, and midrange treble blend I've ever heard.
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