WTB...Polk SRT

Anybody have a set of SRT’s they are looking to sell? Mainly interested in the subs, towers and controller...but would buy the whole set if need be. Thx


  • Mr. SharpeMr. Sharpe Posts: 1,272
    There’s a guy with the whole system here I. Town that’s been trying to sell his, I think he wanted $2,000 but he’s including a marantz receiver and some kind of power amp I’d never heard of.
    Electronics: Westinghouse 43" LED, Marantz UD-7007 player, Denon AVR-x3100w receiver/preamp, DIY Ethereal ESO-1 power conditioner, Parasound HCA-1500a power house.

    Speakers: Polk Audio RTA-12c mains, Polk Audio PSW-505 sub, Klipsch rc-10 center, Klipsch RB-41 surrounds.

    Cables: Audioquest King Cobras, Audiquest Diamondbacks, Pangea HDMI's (one for audio, one for video), KnuKonceptz sub cable, Pangea AC-14 and AC-14se's, Pangea AC-9, Dayton Audio speaker wire.
  • lj232lj232 Posts: 5
    Hello i have the polk in my store if you still interested via [email protected]

  • Check the forum rules.
    You are not supposed to sell on here with less than one hundred posts.
    You need you build up your presence here first and give people a chance to get to know you and know you are not a scammer.
  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 15,266
    The Polk? Can't even put the correct words together for the potential probable buyer?

  • ESavinonESavinon SRT Specialist Posts: 3,013
    Anyone interested in parts for the SRT please contact me.
    SRT For Life; SDA Forever!

    The SRT SEISMIC System:
    Four main satellite speakers, six powered subs, two dedicated for LFE channel, two center speakers for over/under screen placement and three Control Centers. Amaze your friends, terrorize your neighbors, seize the audio bragging rights for your state. Go ahead, buy it; you only go around once.
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