The Dismantled RTiA Bookshelf Home Theatre Local to Mass Extravaganza!

mrbironmrbiron Posts: 5,150
Alright, long shot here, but here we go.
The ol’ HT is collected dust and needs to go. I don’t have any boxes because my last home did not have the space to store air filled cardboard. I think I have them priced accordingly. THINK is the keyword here.

Local to 01534 Northbridge, MA
PP F&F or cashola. Will be listed for higher on the local held-up-at-gunpoint site.

RTiA 1’s - $125
All grills are in excellent condition. All pegs are intact. One speaker has a dinger on the front corner but the grill covers it, mostly. Minimal surface scratches.

RTiA 3’s - $150
Grills are in excellent condition. All pegs are intact. There are some surface scratches on the tops. I tried to photograph the best I could.

CSiA4 - $125
Grill is in excellent condition. All pegs are intact. Barely a mark on it. Price includes a center channel stand that has been filled with dried sand.

DSW400 -$100
Comes with remote, power cord, and le’sub. Has surface scratches and is priced to reflect this. Still thumps...

Last but not least...
Monster HTS1600 - $40
Spotless...from what I can see. All lights still work, scratch free, no manual.

I hope all photos are in the right order... :/
Come and grab it all for $450.
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