Nice B&K ST 2140 power amp

I am selling my B&K ST 2140 power amp. Includes original box, copy of manual and power cord. The 2140 is one my 2 favorite B&K amps but am going with an integrated.. There are many excellent reviews online. The 2140 puts out 140 into 8 ohms and 180 into 4 ohms ohms with 35 amps current. The one has both RCA inputs and they are variable. It is in excellent shape and works perfectly. It is also quiet on shut down and start up. Some are not. The sound is more neutral then earlier B&k amps and more transparent yet there is a fullness to it. Very well built at 31lbs. and nice looking. Located in MN and would be well packed (double boxed) for shipping My packing is excellent. Asking $295

I also have the matching Reference 30 preamp/ tuner / processor which does everything but flush the toilet I would ask $175 for that I do not have the remote (universals do run it and the Theater Master SL 9000 can be found online for $25 . Does include power cord and copy of the manual



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