Denon 4500 or Pioneer Elite SC-LX701?

dromundsdromunds Posts: 8,798
Recently, I posted a question about my buddy's new HT set-up, the one where he wants to put the new Sony XBR TV across the room from his gear stack. Anyway, its apparent he needs to update his receiver, he's looking at the Denon X4500H (or the X4400H) or the Pioneer Elite SC-LX701. The price of these units at Accessories4Less is about his budget. Anybody have any comments on which is preferable? Any other suggestions? He doesn't like the new Yamaha house sound, in fact he loves the sound of his current Pioneer Elite SC-05, but the Denon seems to have several things he likes such as a 3-year warranty for A4L, and he's a bit unsure of the newer Pioneer gear since the merger, but he doesn't know if that's a legitimate concern. Any thoughts? Let me know if any more facts needed. He'll be running Polk LS50's and perhaps a LS350 center with who knows what as surrounds, etc. Mostly music but also a good share of movies I would think. By the way, what's the difference between the Denon 4400 and the Denon 4500?


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