Polk LSi9 Speakers

Ebony finish. Excellent cosmetic condition. No dents, dings, or smashed corners. Gloss finish looks great. Grills have no holes or pulls and no broken pegs. There are a few light marks on the side left by some self stick feet which have been removed.

$300. Polkies with min 100 posts only. I do not have the boxes, so let's try for a local sale. I live in Reading PA(zip 19606), and work in Exton PA(zip 19341). I will be travelling to State College this weekend(5/31-6/1) & can bring them with me for a meet-up there or along the way.



  • CottageChzCottageChz Posts: 163
    GLWS! Those things look pretty minty. Loved my Lsi9s.
  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,941
    Beautiful speakers Dave! If I didn't already have a pair (mine aren't even close to that nice), I'd be seriously considering these. Especially since you'll be in my neck of the woods this weekend! What's bringing you to Happy Valley? I'm heading to Northeast PA (Scranton) this weekend, or I'd offer to treat you to a beer at Otto's!
  • DaveHoDaveHo Posts: 2,777
    Thanks for the compliments on the speakers!

    Youngest son is running in the Central PA Youth Track Meet at the high school. I think the plan is to hit up Otto's after he runs the 3K Friday evening. Haven't been to Otto's for a long time. Too bad you'll be out of town. Thanks for the offer!
  • jpdnkstrjpdnkstr Posts: 13
    Those are beautiful! I need to post more often... those were my dreams speakers many years ago. They were out of my price range so I settled for some rti's.
  • BgoodfellaBgoodfella Posts: 107
    Those are beautiful- I wish you were in az I'd come get them :-( *almost to 100 getting closer*
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  • bluecometbluecomet Posts: 1,113
    You have a PM.
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  • dromundsdromunds Posts: 8,914
    Excellent deal on excellent speakers!
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