LSiM-705 * NEW IN BOX * Mt. Vernon Cherry * DELIVERED * $450 *

My daughter and I are hitting the road tomorrow, heading from central Illinois through INDIANAPOLIS, CINCINNATI, D.C., RICHMOND AND ASHEVILLE. I'm taking the 705 with us hoping that FREE DELIVERY (see our route via the link below) and a STEAL OF A PRICE will git 'er done.

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Apple Lossless --> Squeezebox Touch --> Joule Electra LA-100 Mark iii --> Yaqin MC-10t --> LSiM-705's
Cabling by Groneberg


  • Airplay355
    Airplay355 Posts: 4,293
    This is a single 705, right? Stupid question but with the way some of you guys price (give away) gear, it's hard to tell sometimes haha :D
  • Bgoodfella
    Bgoodfella Posts: 107
    Oooo I'd love to have a pair of these bad boys (although I think it's a single speaker?) Goodnluck with the sale
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