Is there any real point in upgrading from my Modi 2 Uber?

daniel77daniel77 Posts: 1
Hello everyone,

I'm currently using my >3 year old Modi 2 Uber over optical because the USB port stopped working about a year ago. I've been thinking about upgrades lately, but was wondering if there would be any increase in sound quality if I got something like the JDS OL DAC to replace it, or the Topping D30 that a lot of people seem to talk about.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I wasn't sure where else to ask, and I don't want to go throwing money away if I don't have to.


  • fbm211fbm211 Posts: 1,474
    I don't think you will notice much difference with those. Another one of those DACs may offer a different flavor sound that you might prefer, or not. Of course it depends on how much your willing to spend. Im waiting on a set of ATH-AD2000X cans to get here and I cant wait to compare the modi I picked up to my Stello DA100 signature DAC I use in my 2ch rig. Should be an interesting Comparison
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  • zingozingo Audiophile Posts: 11,824
    Yes but not at that price point. I love my WDC200 as it sounds great, and can stream lossless music over WiFi if you don’t want to be wired.
  • Carl1VCarl1V Posts: 1
    I'll be getting a Valhalla 2 in the near future, and will update my impressions if I have anything to add at that point TT Rock Stars.
  • Viking64Viking64 Posts: 3,972
    In the meantime, update your post to edit out the SPAM link, you sneaky pus-weasel.
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