Pioneer M90 and SDA 1c common ground question

Is the Pioneer M90 a common ground power amp. I just got a pair of SDA 1c's and need a common ground amp if I want to use the SDA feature.

Also, what would happen if someone did use a non common ground amp with the SDA's?


  • DaveHo
    DaveHo Posts: 3,209
    Surest way to tell is with a multi-meter. With no speakers connected, set it to measure resistance and touch the probes to the neg of each speaker output. If the resistance is zero or very close to it, the amp is common ground.
  • F1nut
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    Unplug the amp first.
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  • muslhed
    muslhed Posts: 2
    Thanks, the Pioneer M90 is common ground. The SDA's sound amazing cranked up, and surprisingly very good at very low levels too.
  • DaveHo
    DaveHo Posts: 3,209
    Nice! Stick around. We're a fun group here.