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Hey guys, I’m looking to upgrade my home audio because my Vizio sound bar and wireless sub flaked our on me. I would like to go with some corner speakers for my living area. Any suggestions?


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    How much money you got? Just hand it over.

    Is this for TV only, or also for some music?
    Which sources do you need to connect?

    Signature Series might be a good, affordable start if you wanted to build a full system.
    Do you have any existing gear you're trying to integrate? You might need a receiver and would probably want a sub. Signature S20s and stands, or maybe some tower variant.

    Orrr, you could skip the receiver and go with some powered monitors. The Klipsch Sixes are surprisingly good overall performers. In this area, you might also consider the Audioengine HD6 or A5+.
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    Welcome to the forum. Going to need some info like, what are your listening needs? Do you listen to mainly background music? Do you watch a lot of movies and have a surround sound receiver? Do you ever just sit in front of a pair of speakers to listen to music for 2-3 hours? What's your budget? Where is it going to be used, as in what size room?
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