Tube Powered?!

Geoff4rfcGeoff4rfc Posts: 1,775
Who'd a guessed, that the DeLorean in Back to the Future 3 was powered with tubes?????

Take a look for your self......1.21 gigawatts ala tube power

When I was young, I was Superman but now that old age has gotten the best of me I'm only Batman

Source: Oppo 103 - Display: Samsung QLED 65F
Pre/Processor: Marantz 8802A - Amplification: Emotiva XPA-DR3, XPA-2 x 2

Emotiva: ERC 3 connected via XLR's

PolkAudio Mains: LSiM707, C-706, SS: 702F/X, RS: RTiA9

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