WTB Dreadnaught

To those of you who will soon be receiving their new Dreadnaughts, please PM me if you want to sell your old one. Thank you!
Speakers: Polk SDA-CRS+ 4.1TL/Wharfedale EVO4.3; Amp: Parasound A21 Halo; Pre: NAD C165BEE; Regenerator: PS Audio PerfectWave Power Plant3; Streamer: Auralic Aries Mini/TeraDak LPS; Phono: AT LP-3/VM540Ml; CD: Onkyo C390>ProJect DAC Box S2+/TeraDak LPS; Cables: Wireworld Silver Eclipse7 speaker, High Fidelity Cables Reveal IC (pre/amp), Wireworld Silver Eclipse8 IC (streamer; DAC), Wireworld Silver Starlight digital coax (CD/DAC); Power cables: NRG Custom Cables "The Five" (regenerator; amp; streamer; DAC); Subwoofer: REL T/5i; EQ: Soundcraftsmen RP2212


  • erniejade
    erniejade Posts: 5,582
    PM sent
    T+A PA 1530R,Wireworld Silver Eclipse SC, Tyler Highland H2, High Fidelity Reveal RCA, Innuos Zen MK3 , W4S recovery, LKS MH-da004,

    Have but haven't used in a while: LH Labs VI Dac, Cayin SCD50T, Grant Fidelity Tube Dac11,Aries Mini, Technics 1200, Denon DL160, Jolida D9
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