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Not a Major purchase but my tour of Apoxana led me to the Audioengine room a time or two and they had 20% off at the show so I got this B1 to tide me over until I get a streamer I'm streaming Tidal from tablet to my Musical Fidelity dac into the Adcom Stack on the computer rig powering my CRS+s and I'm impressed even the Wife likes it.

So I'm guessing even though this is a aptX bluetooth going into the dac via a wireworld optical cable I'm able to take advantage of the Hi Res streaming offered by Tidal right?
I can only assume so. I was told that by one of the Audioengine guys that yes I'm taking advantage of Tidal Hi Res going this route.

I was also told they are coming out with with a streamer this fall with there own App to control everything, he showed me the App on his phone and they are still tweaking it, but it sounds promising that it should be released by this Fall. I'm going to stream Flac files off my laptop using foobar 2000 next. So far it seems to be $150.00 well spent and should tide me over until I get a Streamer. Does anyone else have one of these?
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    I've had one now for a couple years and I have no complaints. Sound quality is decent enough it seems. The main reason I have mine is because my router won't quite reach my main rig so I'm not able to use a streamer. With the b1 I'm able to position my phone where it receives a good wi-fi signal and then send the phone's signal to the b1.
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    Love my B1 in the upstairs spare room rig! :smile:
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    It's very attractive.
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    I'm digging if. Small but mighty!
    "if it's not fun, it's not worth it & remember folks, "It's All About The Music"!!
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    Just to clarify, while you are indeed able to stream the Hi-Fi level content from Tidal, Bluetooth does compress and then decompress the signal. So you may lose a bit of fidelity in that process but overall, unless you are looking for fractions of a percentage in performance, you are golden.
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