Polk SDA 1,2,CRS, efficiency, placement, power amp recommendation HELP

I have a pair of the following: SDA-1A, SDA-2A and a pair of SDA-84CRS. I have the 1A as front channel approx 6” from the wall, 12 foot apart, the 2A as rear channel 6” from the rear wall 12’ apart, and the 84CRS as sound surround.

I currently have them being ran from a Denon AVR3803. It puts out an advertised 125WPC @ 8ohm. I’ve not checked this to see if it is accurate.

My question is about these Polks. What is their efficiency? What is their specs, What power handling makes these really shine without straining them? Any recommendations for power amplifiers? Any recommendation on placement? I use this system as a HT as well as listening to music. I came to this page from advice from other polk fans. Let me know guys/gals!


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