300b Mono Blocks...Yes, I think So!

FaustinFaustin Posts: 890
Been looking for a SET, flea powered amp for a while. Had several come up, but I really wanted to try a 300b amp. So, a pair of Bottlehead Paramount 300b monos came up for sale. Decided to buy them and give them a go. They did not come with the manual so I ordered one from BH headquarters. Finally received it a couple of days ago and had time to sit down and go through 70 plus pages of build and test info. Looked over the amps construction and compared it to the instructions. Everything looks topnotch. Solder points are clean and neat. Checked resistance and voltage per the manual and everything checked out great, with the exception of the plate voltage on one amp for the 5670 tube. I adjusted that and have them warming up as I type this. These can also be rewired for 2a3 tubes. I have sold several preamps and am down to my Bottlehead Quickie preamp. I will probably pick up another preamp to pair with the Paramounts in the near future. I do like the Quickie, but I would like to try something that is not battery powered. That way I can power everything up and let things warm up for a couple of hours and not be burning up battery power.


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    Nice! Love the Bottlehead stuff! :smile:
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    Northern New England approves ;)

    Hard for me to think of 300B as fleapower though. ;)
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