Onkyo DP-CMX1

IrrenhausIrrenhaus Posts: 860
Just got this one. So far is doing great sound quality is amazing. Is also a phone but have no plans to use that feature. Is heavy and feels likes all aluminium. It has the regular headphone out plus a 4 pole balanced out. The one next to it is the Sony Walkman NW-A45 that will go into the FS market soon for a good price.


AVR-Pioneer SC99
Adcom 585
Rear- RT150
Sub-Rythmik audio F25
Player- Oppo BDP-103

Living room 2ch rig:
Peach Tree Decco, Onkyo CS-5VL SACD and Linn Kelidh

Bedroom 2ch rig.
Cary AE-3, Parasound 2125, Marantz SA8005, Usher V-601 or SDA 1C, SVS SB12-NSD, Intel NUC PC and Panamax MX5105

Headphone rig;
Little DOT MK II with upgraded tube's and Sennheisers HD650.
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