Bose WaveIII TouchStart mini review

boston1450boston1450 Posts: 6,362
Just got up to camp & had to hook this gem up. Its a 2014 Bose WaveIII TouchStart radio LMAO. Ok i got it for inside the camp on 12 inch livewood shelves i put up. 40.00 mint w/remote n w/Bose antenna not bad deal. 1st thing is it sounds better than the Sony boombox i was using. Stevie Nicks sound great. Tad bit too boomy in the bass area. May be a way to adjust. Vocals are pretty good. Volume ups pretty good. Picks up station vgood with antenna going out the window. Dont really care for the touch start-but works well with a tap on top. For a small compact unit not bad. Will do i guess. Should work great on solar panels n batteries im using. Will play around with it more over the weekend..
Randy / Maine
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