Psw 505 orange light

I have had my PSW 505 for a short time and it is now making a really weird noise. The back on it the power light flashes orange and wont go to green. Anybody else experienced this or know how to fix it?


  • jbwhite85jbwhite85 Posts: 3
    My same subwoofer just started doing the exact same thing. I just posted my experience just now. Did you find any fixes yet?
  • barmstr6barmstr6 Posts: 5
    It was under warranty so customer service sent a new one. They will probably send a new amb board so you can test whether its the speaker or the amb board.
  • I bought my sub in November of 2016 and it just started that last night... weird static sound ever few 5-10 seconds... even when unplugged. When it is plugged in and the sound gets loud it does it a lot. Emailed yesterday and got no response from Service dep... finally called and they told me to take the front off and test the driver... driver was fine... so it must be the amp... they said that I needed to respond to the email in order to get help... it sucks cause it is Superbowl weekend and was going to have people over...
  • born2ronborn2ron Posts: 2
    My 505 unexpectedly just up and died. No power coming into the speaker. I finally located and replaced the fuse but still nothing. I tried to call Polk customer service but no answer. I then sent them an email but have never received a response. Absolutely inexcusable for any company but especially a company with Polk's reputation. Never again!
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