The Division 2

shawn474shawn474 Posts: 2,897
Anyone playing this? It’s the newest Tom Clancy based video game although not sure how much he actually had to do with it- seems like they slapped his name on it for marketing and sales.

Anywho, it’s based in DC. The imagery used is awesome and the city is accurately depicted. Wandering the streets during gameplay is pretty cool. The storyline is fine but character development lacks.

All in all, I am really enjoying playing it especially for the familiarity of the city. Definitely a game that’s worth the money.
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  • jflail2jflail2 Posts: 2,753
    I've got it but my hard drive is dying on me so gonna have to replace that first before I play it. I've heard nothing but good reviews from friends who have been in it for a while now, so hoping I can get the box up and running again next week.
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  • adb3daadb3da Posts: 461
    It's fun. Pretty similar to the first one, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  • musicnut23musicnut23 Posts: 12
    I got a free copy with a cpu purchase a couple months ago. I mostly play RPGs and games I can solo play. This one looks pretty good though after trying it for a couple weekends.
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