Zu Bok 9ft power cord

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Ships from USA, here is a really nice Zu Bok power cord no longer in production. Really perfect for DACs, preamps, and digital transports. Pretty flexible cable, with custom terminations from Zu Audio. Asking $199 net total (retail at 450) shipped USPS.



Bok AC mains power cables are designed as a universal needs, balanced high performance mains cable for use on all pro audio and home audio equipment. And though it looks small-ish in diameter, Bok is a very high conductance (#11 gauge high/#11 gauge low, #9 gauge Earth) design.

BOK SPECIFICATIONSZU AUDIO | 3350 S. 1500 W. | OGDEN, UTAH — U.S.A. [DESIGNED AND MADE BY US] WWW.ZUAUDIO.COMZU AUDIO BOK Mk.II [REV-A] AC MAINS POWER CABLE SPECIFICATIONS + INFORMATIONDesignDevice Under TestProductionDesignManufacturerVoltage RatingCurrent RatingDielectricCable Geometry Line Conductors Neutral ConductorsGround ConductorLine Conducting AreaNatural Conducting AreaGround Conducting AreaRs LsCable SheathBend RadiusCable DiameterRoHSStandards ComplianceManufacturers Country Of OriginLife ExpectancyWarranty & ServiceZu Bok AC mains power cable is designed as a universal needs, balanced high performance mains cable for use on all pro audio and home audio equipment.Zu Bok Mk.II [Rev-A] 6.6’ [2.0m][5266i Wattgate plug > 320i Wattgate IEC]2002–Current (Mk.I and Mk.II differed in termination only)high conductance, fl exible, low radiating, unfi ltered, power cableZu Audio600 volts20 amps (limited by connector specifi cation)PTFE/PE/PVC/air/CuZuB3™ Tefl on®/PE/MTW > 105 ̊C, copper + silver/copperTefl on®/PE/MTW > 105 ̊C, copper + silver/copperMTW/AWM 105 ̊C, copper + tin plated copper≈ 11 AWG [4.1mm2]≈ 11 AWG [4.1mm2]≈ AWG #9 (6.63 mm2).02 Ω (line).02 Ω (neutral).01 Ω (ground)6.2 uH (high/line) 6.2 uH (low/neutral) 5.9 uH (ground)Dacron monofi lament braid2” [51 mm].48” [12.2 mm]compliant
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