Sonarworks Headphone Calibration Profiling?

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Any of you guys checked out this company Sonarworks?
Looks like they make headphone calibration profiles to reproduce studio something or other. Only just happened across them while generally looking for "headphone optimization", curious to see if there's anything out there for manipulation for soundstage and imaging, just for fun.

This wouldn't be that. Looks like everything they do is based on a reproducing a flat frequency response curve. Is this even desirable? Their apps do also allow for personalization. Roughly put, I suppose one would have to call this a fancy digital EQ in an application?
Sonarworks SR (Studio Reference) is a digital technology solution for delivering consistently accurate studio reference sound across all existing speakers and headphones. It includes in itself a solution for measuring the speakers (Reference Measure) and headphones (calibrated by us in our HQ and implemented as either average or individual headphone profiles) as well as a sound processing engine for correcting the audio signal ensuring that the listeners hear accurate sound free from all unwanted coloration no matter what speakers or headphones they use. The Sonarworks SR standard sets the frequency response target to be completely neutral for speaker-based playback systems, i.e. a flat FR curve across all audible frequencies as perceived by the listener in the listening position. The headphone FR target is designed to emulate neutral-sounding speakers.

You can get a demo down at the bottom of this page on their site.

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