From 2.0 to 9.2. Who can provide?

CH46ECH46E Posts: 1,057
Since there is no HT thread I though this might be a starting point for info.

I currently run a Yamaha RX-A1050 7.2 with Atmos and DTS X.
I'm having a hard time finding Atmos and DTS X pre amps at affordable prices. Anyone know of any? Would like to get away from a HTR for a pre. But dont want to give up Atmos and X. Nor do I want to spend $3k. $1k at most.

I was looking at Outlaw and Emotiva but no such luck as of yet.


  • ZLTFULZLTFUL Posts: 5,023
    Look for a used Marantz AV7702MKII. They go for below that regularly, check all your boxes and are awesome besides.
    I am in the process of building out my 9.2.4 Atmos home theater and am using this as my pre/pro. You might be able to find a 7703 with that budget but you will end up losing the ability to do wide channels.
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    Wow, awesome ZLTFUL, just found on on the bay! I'll look into the specs in a moment. This may fit the bi perfectly! Plus I've never heard the Auro 3d before. Is this a "up-sampling" format? Never seen a disc encoded with it.

    Thank you!!!!

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    We aim to please :D
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    Auro 3D isn’t a format used very much, if at all in the states.

    While ATMOS uses either 2 or 4 overhead speakers, Auro 3D uses one. Not many, if any movies using this format in North America, and I’m guessing that if your overhead are set up for ATMOS, Auro 3D formatted movies might be a bad choice, as well as the other way around.

  • CH46ECH46E Posts: 1,057
    What's odd is my system sounds better with front height speakers high on the front wall than the over heads do. This is why I want to go to 9.2 so I can keep the rear surrounds+ overhead (Atmos and DTS X) and front heights. Room is not wide enough for front wides. I find the front height really opens up that front stage.

    It will be nice the drop the HTR for this room. It will replace an old non hdmi Pioneer in the living room 2.0 for TV use.
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