Help with a receiver for my RTA 11 series speakers

Dear members,
New to this forum. I am looking to upgrade a receiver for my RTA 11 big boys. (front speakers). I currently use SONY STR-DE series receiver. I am a die-hard Costco fan, I see a Yamaha TSR-7850 for $489 to set up in my 22x20 basement.
I am planning on getting a CSiA6 centre channel and a Polk PSW 505. I deeply appreciate your thoughts. It's been a long time since I followed Receivers after getting a BOSE and Onkyo system for my other TVs.


  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 13,358
    You'll need more than that has to offer.....
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  • MilitoMilito Posts: 467
    edited February 28
    Also skip on the PSW 505. I had one and wouldn't waste my money on it.
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    What's the goal with this system?
  • deronb1deronb1 Posts: 4,579
    Get the 7810. It has 7.2 preouts so you can add external amplification.
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