Is anyone running an Aries Mini with an internal HD installed?



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    @msg thanks Scott, I will try it when I get home.
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    I’m thinking you’ve reached the point where people are afraid to open your posts.

    I disabled
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    Hey Bruce, Hermitism pointed out an issue with one of the screenshots (good eye dude)

    In the last screenshot just above, make sure you're setting the Network Discovery & File and Printer Sharing settings under Private and not the Guest or Public profile area. (Setting according to the incorrect screenshot could potentially make your computer vulnerable if these were laptops you used on public wifi and such. These screenshots were from a lab virtual machine I use sometimes, and I wasn't paying close enough attention.)

    Same process, but screenshot shows incorrect section. Click that little down arrow to open the Private section to make the adjustments. It'll make sense when you go to check and make the adjustments.


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    For those who have a drive installed in the mini and have also run music on a NAS, anyone compare the 2? Any quality difference? I have a mini on its way and I am there a benefit / sound quality difference between an internal on the mini and wifi / NAS using the same files.

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