Monitor 70

I bought new 70’s at Christmas. I have been messing with them for awhile. Different crossover points. Equalizing. I have an Onkyo RZ 820. The tweeters distort. It seems like the internal crossover is not working. Are there any suggestions??


  • tonyb
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    How loud are you playing them ? Do you have them hooked up right ? Straps in place between the top and bottom posts ? What's the music source ? Is the distortion at all volume levels ?

    What crossover point are they set at now ? Whats the whole system look like ? Did they always distort from day 1 ?
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  • jah43819
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    They do not get played loud. I have a Onkyo txrz820. Yes they are hooked up right. I have been doing stereo stuff both car and home for about 30 years. I have tried single post. Doing a jumper cable. Removing the straps. The music source mostly is my phone. Some internet. The distortion is at all levels. It sounds like the tweeter is trying to reproduce bass. And not in the sense that a bass guitar starts high and goes low quickly. Which doesn’t really happen on most music today. Newer music with that enhanced bass seems to really mess with it. But the crossover inside should be cutting that out to the tweeters. Yes. From the beginning. My cutoff at the moment (after reading a bunch of articles ) is set to 80hrz. I have run them as full band and at different cutoffs. It’s a 5.1 set up.