Netflix with Oppo 205

dromundsdromunds Posts: 8,136
OPPO 205 does not have Netflix app, much to my chagrin,I liked that feature on earlier Oppos . I have a Samsung plasma that apparently is not smart, also using Pioneer Elite SC-27. GF gave me a spare Roku stick which I know nothing about. What the best method for getting Netflix thru the system? Thanks.


  • cfrizzcfrizz Posts: 13,397
    I believe you can plug the Roku into the Oppo's HDMI Input According to Oppo's info.

    "HDMI 2.0 Input
    An HDMI 2.0 input port that supports UHD resolution is available for users to connect an external streaming device. This approach affords users the flexibility to choose from a wide range of streaming devices and easily upgrade as streaming technologies evolve, while still taking advantage of the UDP-205's audio and video processing capabilities."
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  • dromundsdromunds Posts: 8,136
    Awesome, I was hopeful of "taking advantage of the 205's audio and visual processing capabilities" in that manner. Lol. Thanks much!
  • UpstatemaxUpstatemax Posts: 2,356
    Yeah, that method works great.

    I have a Roku express hooked up to my 205 so that I can run my cable providers streaming app Incase I need to watch football in that room.

    I use my “smart” TV to watch Netflix in that room though, since the TV is capable of streaming 4K content, the Roku express can’t.
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    4K depends which model of the Roku stick you have. The newer ones will stream 4K content. Since it's a "spare" one, I assume it might be older and wouldn't do that, however.
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  • I use a Roku stick in my 103 and I find:
    1.) it works better if you plug the Roku into an AC outlet, and
    2.) the sound is downgraded to stereo before it is passed to my AVR.
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  • rpf65rpf65 Posts: 2,028
    I think you have a legitimate excuse to get a new tv.
  • dromundsdromunds Posts: 8,136
    rpf65 wrote: »
    I think you have a legitimate excuse to get a new tv.

    Yeah, I've thought about a new TV except the picture quality on the Samsung plasma is really dang sweet. The argument at the time of purchase was don't pay for a smart TV when you can get a Roku or Chromecast for a pittance. But then I had smart Oppos and I really liked that. One of the things I discovered with the 205 is it doesn't have those apps, although the other attributes that I use and will use in the future seemed to militate towards purchase of the 205, especially when I got the email saying I was cued up for purchase literally right at the last minute.
  • rooftop59rooftop59 Posts: 5,682
    This will work far better than the stick:

    There is a refurb for $65 shipped.
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