Need advice : Stands height for LSiM 703 as surround

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I don't know if it's the right forum to post this, and maybe this question was beaten to death, but here I go. I want to get some new speakers for surround purpose. To be a bit coherent and considering the intermittent 65-70% "sale" we can get on the LSiM line here in Canada, I was thinking of buying a pair of LSiM 703 and using them as surround/rear speakers.

Now, it brings the issue of stands height. Considering that a surround's tweeter should apparently sit 1 or 2 feet higher than ear level, what is the proper stands height if one is to use such speakers for surround duty? To give an idea, my couch's back isn't especially high (maybe 35''), so the stands it probably has to be close to or higher than that, right?

Speakers: Polk Audio LSiM 705, LSiM 703, LSiM 704c
Receiver: Denon X3500H
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