Used X Box a good idea?

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We have three kids of gaming age and each weekend is a Battle Royale over the X Box and who gets to play Battle Royale, even though my 13 yr old just corrected me this is a " gaming genre". a 2nd, used X Box a bad idea? Please dont get too techical....but is used gaming gear reliable? Thanks....


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    If you buy from a decent source then yes. GameStop, eBay, somewhere w protection if it breaks super quick.
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    Xbox 360 or one?

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    Like @EndersShadow stated, I wouldn't worry much if you bought it from a retailer used.

    Like all things the private market has it's risks and also it's good deals.
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    Wait for a good sale and you can usually pick up a brand new one with extras for the same price it'd cost you with a used one. Gamestop usually has an Xbox with games and sometimes will throw in a second free game and a deal or two on additional controllers.
  • Yeah, sometimes used gaming gear can be reliable if you know what you are buying.
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