Subwoofer wont pair tried everything

I have a fairly new Polk command and I went to move it to a different room and the subwoofer wont pair it's been like this for 2 months I have tried everything the whole unit is only 3 months old the sub worked literally 5 times


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    Let’s make sure the surrounds and subwoofer are running the latest firmware:

    1. Unplug power from sound bar, subwoofer and surrounds

    2. Plug power into sound bar – orange LED will blink while bar boots up

    3. Boot up completes when Orange LED turns off

    4. Press Power button on the sound bar – furthest right LED should illuminate Orange

    5. Press Mute on the bar – LED should now pulse white indicating Mute

    6. Plug in subwoofer and surrounds and confirm the LED on the back of the units is solid green

    7. Wait about 10 seconds.

    8. If there is an update available, the furthest left LED should begin pulsing white indicating the update has started

    9. The LEDs will gradually fill in and show the progress of the update. (If there is no update available, there will be no additional LED activity and indicates everything is up to date)

    10. The update can take up to 10 minutes

    11. When the update finishes, the furthest right LED will turn green and then all of the LEDs will go Off after about 10 seconds

    12. At this point, the update has completed and sound bar is ready to use.

    13. Power on the sound bar and play 5.1 content to confirm everything is working properly and there is sound coming out of the bar, sub and surrounds.
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  • I'm sorry the command doesn't work like that but thank you step 6 is where I am haveing my problem
  • bretthanbretthan Posts: 1
    I'm sorry the command doesn't work like that but thank you step 6 is where I am haveing my problem

    did you manage to fix your issue?, im having the exact same issue with my commandbar
  • Bought two Polk command bar in an auction near me, after reading the review, however on getting home seems I can't get it to connect to subwoofer or its faulty, the soundbar works well with Alexa but both of them won't connect to subwoofer. For that reason I'm selling it on eBay since I have tried all I could but no luck.
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