Rti a Series under rated Home Theater

After trying many speakers I’ve settled on the Rti A speakers for home theater. Have 3 a9s, a csia6 and fxia6 for surrounds. I bought 3 a9s to use one for center channel when I move. For now I am going to hook up the csia6.

I definitely feel Polk is under rated for home theater. Having a matching set of rtiA speakers really is a great experience. I tried klipsch RP an RC64III, infinity’s, Martin Logan, def tech, and elac.

After being frustrated on how much the other brands cost and or sound I went with the rtiA setup. Even sending them back only to buy again. The price they can be bought at crutchfield and else where is crazy.

I just couldn’t stomach the cost of the others for marginal gain and many cases actually no gain. All the higher priced models still left me missing something. Maybe I’m too critical but I definitely think the pins are great value.

Anybody else have other speakers they turned from to the rtiA series?


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    Good for you for trusting your own ears over the naysayers. I feel the same way about the Signature series. I could not tell the difference between the S15 and a pair of B&W 705 S2 bookshelves. I personally see no reason to give them up. But I do think it would be interesting to see Polk delve into ribbons and fiber cones. Then again, I don't know how well folded ribbon would fair against the terylene "hi res" tweeter in the Sigs. I don't know of any speaker with a folded ribbon tweeter that has the "hi res" certification that the Sigs have.
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    "hi res" certification for speakers means nothing more than they are capable of reaching 40kHz or more. Since no human can hear above 20kHz the "certification" is simply marketing hype.
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    I went away from RTi to Signatures. I listen to a lot of music and the Signatures are a much more musical speaker than RTi. The RTi did sound better in HT.
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    Don’t know where you think they are underrated for HT, it’s what they are built for, and is one of Polk’s top selling speakers, there is a reason this line has been around so long, I owned the RTiA series for 10 years, loved them for HT, moved up to the LSiM series about a year ago..
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    Stereophile gave the RtiA3 a very good review.

    We have the Rti6, which is quite similar sounding, and other than a bit too much treble, which can be easily fixed, they are great sounding, especially on vocals, and many types of music. I find myself listening to them quite a lot.

    In our comparison with B+W and a few other speakers regarded as "higher end", the Rti6 was honestly somewhat better overall, and easier to live with.
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    I definitely feel Polk is under rated for home theater. Having a matching set of rtiA speakers really is a great experience. I tried klipsch RP an RC64III, infinity’s, Martin Logan, def tech, and elac.

    I do know on this forum they are anything but underrated. Over the years I have seen many applaud their performance in H.T, and, in fact, there was an article some few years ago touting the home theater of Liam Neeson which consisted of RTiA7's as his mains. I'm sure he loves to listen to his set up and hearing dialogue such as...."I have a very special set of skills, I will find you and I will kill you" B)

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