LSiM 703 woofer polarity

I did this test a while go and posted about it in the PMC thread but it got buried. Hoping to get some more thoughts opinion on why this happened.

Basically I was just doing some basic troubleshooting with my speakers, and testing the woofer's polarity via the bottom set of binding posts using a AAA battery and a short piece of speaker wire.

When I tested the 703s, with the negative binding post attached to battery's negative terminal, and positive post attached to the positive terminal, it caused the woofer to move inward.

Does this mean that the woofer's polarity on both of my 703s is reversed? Or is there something else going on inside the crossover that would cause this? That's a somewhat strange question, as I thought it was fairly straightforward that the bottom set of binding posts only goes to the woofer, right?

Anyway, if anyone has any insight on why the woofer moved in instead of out I would be curious to hear it.
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