Consolidating :: HT Bypass w/Integrated Amp and Bridged HCA-1000 Center?

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Hey guys, I've been wanting to consolidate gear for a while, and I'm mulling this over a bit more seriously now. This would be for a 3.1 system.

What are your thoughts on
  • Surround Processor > HT Bypass on Integrated Amp > Mains
  • Parasound HCA-1000 in Bridge Mode > LSiM706c Center?

I've seen mixed perspectives on bridging.
The 706c seems pretty big, and is 8Ω

Here's the Parasound info on the HCA-1000A



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    Seems like a lot of power just for the center channel.
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    If you are crossing over your center around 80hz, you won't need much power
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    I used a little audiosource amp two in bridged mode to power a cs400i crossed over at 60 hz. (I would use 40 hz but it’s in a cabinet. I like to run the center full range if possible). Anyways, it sounded great, really full and clear. Now I have a b&k 3 channel 200 wpc. I actually liked the audiosource better for the center. All that to say that if you have that amp laying around go for it. If you are buying new just get an hca 750.
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