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There was a time when I thought I knew something about speakers. This forum has taught me otherwise.

Going with a Csi a4 centre(thank you TonyB), I've gotten the itch to start switching all of my speakers out. I use the system for ht. I'm pretty sure the only music it plays is the theme for Paw Patrol.
I run a denon x4300h and the room is small, 15 by 14. I have a 75 inch tv mounted to the corner. Is it worth chasing after the rti's? I use the system in 9.2 and I can with great effort exercise patience if waiting for a more expensive piece is better, but it will all be done over time. I've seen some back and forth between the rti series and signature series. I suppose I could use Atmos speakers as well if it makes sense. I was thinking about getting two hts 10 subs. My other speakers are r15s for the surrounds and psb800s for the fronts and the speakers from the rm6750 for the heights. -john


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    Methinks the hardest part of the layout is the monitor position. That will really inhibit the ability for the HT receiver to giv We full presentation. Having the thought of getting 2 quality subs is a step in the right direction. A quality 3 channel amp for the front would be another good step. Maybe move the 800s to surround duty and look into some RTi A7s for the fronts?
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    Fairly small room for 2 subs....and I would go with an SVS or HSU sub instead.

    RTI'S are perfect for HT, a bit on the brighter side, very dynamic. For that sized room, the RTIA5's and a good sub should do the trick well.

    Signature series would work well also 55's the 60's may be too big for that room. The Sigs will have a bit smoother top end.

    Check your local craigslist, or FB marketplace. Some Sig. 55's just sold by me for under 350.
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