New review of Parasound A21+

Just found this review of Parasound's A21+ on positive Feedback and thought it was a good read. For my budget, the A21 was the end game. Now the A21+ can be my end game, since I can't afford either!

The most interesting part for me was R. Schram's efforts to keep the price/quality consistent over the A21's 12 year run.

HT: Marantz NR-1603, Oppo 981, Def Tech SM55, SVS PB-1000
BR: iPad Mini, Audio Engine A5+
2C: Parasound ZDAC V.2, Sony DA80ES, Sony XDR-F1HD, SVS Prime Tower, JSE .6 Infinite Slope
Office: MBAir, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, JBL LSR-308
Projects: Polk RTA12, Polk Monitor 7, Revox B225CD, BIC 3-TM


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