Thoughts on using Integrated amps as Preamps?



  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 24,890
    DIY is also always an option if one isn't averse to slinging a little solder.
    I fabricated a couple just yesterday in fact. :)
  • imsjry wrote: »
    What are the thoughts on using Intigrateds as your Pre's? These amps are both wonderful on their own, but I assume that does not necessarily mean they make for good Preamps.

    Any thoughts and experience are most welcome! Thanks.

    I'm going through a similar process with my LSi15s. I think that you'll just have to spend time listening to the pre-outs.

    I've got all Schiit gear at the moment. Just got a Vidar power amp, and have tried, the pre-outs of my Ragnarok (integrated) and the balanced outs of a small headphone amp. The Ragnarok sounds best, but is incompatible with the Vidars in balanced mode. I didn't like the sound of the headphone amp (Jotunheim) as pre.

    I've got a balanced pre (Freya) coming in that I expect to improve on things.

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