Want to buy lsi7's or lsi9's

I'm looking for a pair of lsi7's or lsi9's to complete a surround system. Is anyone upgrading and would like to sell a set? contact me at [email protected]


  • dhart86dhart86 Posts: 1,461
    I have a pair that I can sell you if you are still looking?

    Main Rig:
    HTPC (J River) > PS Audio Directstream Jr.>deHavilland Ultraverve 3 >Belles Reference 150a
    Harbeth C7 ES3

    Second Rig:
    HTPC (J.River)> MF V-Link> Adcom GDA 600 > Cayin TA 30 (buzzy-bee mods)
    Monitor 5 (Westmassguy-modded)

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