Nice Oppo BDP 95 universal player complete

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Selling my Oppo BDP 95 universal player complete with box and packing , manual, power cord, remote, and Wifi doggle. This is a highly reviewed player that pretty much does it all with special emphasis on analog audio quality. For example the power supply is designed and made by Rotel. Smoother and more natural then other Oppos I have heard and like I said it plays and does everything. It is also very well built and heavy pretty good looking also Works as it should and in excellent shape. Also at a very good price Asking $495 Thanks



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    Nice - I have one and love it! I don't have a lot of SACD's or DVD-A'a, so this universal player for me does the trick!
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    Didn't like it huh Keith?
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    It is actually rather impressive but I have Marantz SA 8005 here The Oppo is slightly more open but leaner . The Marantz I somewhat beefier/richer but it has its issues if I had lots of money I would hang on to the Oppo as the DVD player but cannot afford that
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    Understand man. Marantz makes good sound for sure.
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    Price drop $465
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    Great deal. I just picked one up locally and am very impressed. GLWS!! 🀘🏻🀘🏻
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  • geppy1geppy1 Posts: 2,647
    SOLD on the bay
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