Small Surrounds to compliment 705 and 706c

pawelmwopawelmwo Posts: 79
Did some searching in the forums but the posts are a bit dated. So want to bring this up again to get some recommendations. Our room is wider than it is long and the couch is fairly close to the rear wall, about 1 foot but could be moved slightly away.

Currently considering 703 , and 702 f/x but because it is not a dedicated HT room want to go with aesthetics and willing to get something smaller. Happy wife happy life.The setup will be a 5.1 for now. So theoretically could put two 703's on a stand and point them at each other behind the couch. But even those are huge. The 702's got voted down for their size.

Room diagram (pardon the artistry):


  • pawelmwopawelmwo Posts: 79
    Image of the actual front space. The ceilings are also vaulted and 10 feet at it's highest point. Ignore the furniture and existing setup it's on the way out. Acoustically probably not ideal but need to work with it. Will be putting some acoustic canvas prints on the walls and working on that further

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