Lsim tweeter swap

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Anyone interested in a very rudimentary tutorial on replacing a tweeter in the Lsim series?
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    Well I’m not want to wait around for a green light so here goes:

    On a track of vocal choir about three weeks ago I heard some breakup on one of the Lsim705’s. I could only hear it with a certain frequencies and it was easier to hear at a lower level. Normal listening provided no clue to this issue but I’m not one to have less than status quo. I ordered a Tweeter from Polk and it took quite some time to get here. I still have the 705’s as a friend of mine purchased them and is having me hold them after my acquisition of the Elacs. I follow through with stuff like that as I would not want anyone to get these from me without 100% working. I purchased them used and the mid driver was blown when I got it so I know how that feels.
    Anyway, got the new tweeter and laid the speaker down on its back to work.
    First thing is the beauty plate (no idea what it’s called but it’s that rubber gasket covering the screws ). It’s applied to the area with double sided adhesive. If you are careful and pull very carefully from the edge of the mid driver, you can get some wiggle room and start to pull it away from the face

    Next you undo the 6 Phillips head screws on the outer portion of the mounting plate. This then decouples the mid/tweet housing and there is enough slack on the wires to pull it out and work on it.
    Next decouple the wires attached to the tweeter (they are sized for easy RE-attaching) and loosen the three screws from the backside of the tweeter.


    The do everything in backwards order to get it back to 100
    Auralic Vega G1/Rega TT/Denon SACD - Parasound P6 - PS Audio M700x2 - Elac Adante AF-61
  • Interesting great post, pics and speakers 😎 did the change get rid of your issue?
  • joecoulsonjoecoulson Posts: 3,458
    To be honest I have not tested as they are no longer hooked up. But I already tested for inconsistencies by originally swapping the tweeter to the opposite tower and found the same issue. This is why I ordered a new one to begin with. So assuming the new Tweeter works as it should, all should work as it should
    Auralic Vega G1/Rega TT/Denon SACD - Parasound P6 - PS Audio M700x2 - Elac Adante AF-61
  • You have a fantastic set up 🙂

    Looks like some acoustic treatment would benefit well if it is possible?
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    Great pics and write up!
    Hope it all works out well.
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