90RT vs Mc80 or Rc80 ceiling speakers

Anyone have either of these setup in a 5.1 or 7.1 setup? Wondering if any appreciable differences (besides price) between RT series and MC vs Rc80 setups?


  • And by RT series I'm specifically asking about RT70 vs RT90
  • mrlorenmrloren Posts: 2,349
    I've never used the RT, For my in-ceiling speakers I've used

    RC80i not a bad speaker at least better than nothing
    MC80 good for surround use
    TC80i Good for full range or surround use try's to act like a book shelf speaker. These made going all in-ceiling almost work kind a sorta
    80/FX RT good speaker for surround use. Best I've use for in-ceiling surround and great for ATMOS/DTS-X
    When I was a kid my parents told me to turn it down. Now I'm an adult and my kids tell me to turn it down.

    Family Room:
    Samsung UN75RU710DFXZA,
    Denon AVR-X4400H, Emotiva XPA3 GEN3
    Oppo BDP-93,Sony UBP-X800BM, WD Live HUB.
    Main: Polk LsiM 705
    Center: Polk LSiM 704C
    Front High/Rear High In-Ceiling Polk 80F/X RT
    Surrounds: Polk S15
    Sub: HSU VTF3-MK5

    Bed Room;
    Marantz SR5010, BDP-S270
    Main: Polk Signature S20
    Center: Polk Signature S35
    Rear: Polk R15
    Sub: HSU STF-2

    Working Warehouse;
    Sony 2100ES AVR, Sony DVP-NS3100ES for disc
    Cerwin Vega AT-12 (blasters) Advent Prodigy (listening)
    Old sony 12" Sub
    Mini tower PC with 400GB of music
  • 90-rt is very nice. Have a pair of them in one of my rooms. Music is nice and full-bodied as ceiling speakers go. Definitely a nice step up over the MC80.

    (RC80 is older model and never had a chance to play with them).

    What is your planned use for them? Atmos? main front? surrounds? If its for your main front channels, i'd say they are definitely worth going with over the lower models. For surround use, can get by with the MC.
  • Yes....I'm looking to add 90RT as L/R front. Will get away with MC's for rears. Also curious if any big differences between RT70 and RT90
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